The Creators HUD Maker Pro

Secondlife's premier DRAG AND DROP no notecard, no scripting, no UUID HUD creation system.
Current Version: v2.32a rev 0.8

Welcome to the next generation of HUD creation tools - The Creators HUD Maker Pro!

HUD creation was a necessary evil on the Secondlife grid, and it has become even more so important in this day and age, but traditional HUD systems rely on lots of notecards, custom scripting, UUID generation and lots of pain and pulling out of hair *points to the missing clumps on my own head*, well thosee days are DONE

Key Features:

  • The grid's first professional grade HUD maker with ZERO notecards/coding needed!
  • Up to 100 individually configurable buttons with drag and drop functionality [no notecards, NO uuids, No scripting!]
  • Colour shifting tech with 2 parts of your build can be colour shifted individually [can be activated or hidden]
  • Alpha tools tech which will alpha / shine / glow / full bright 2 different sections of your build individually [can be activated or hidden]
  • Can apply textures to both diffuse and normal layers
  • Textures can be broken up to work on multiple prims and multiple different faces in any linkset
    • Each texture button can effect any of the texture types: Diffuse, Normal or Specular AND
    • You can apply multiple textures, from THE SAME BUTTON to different link ID and face ID's! [so you can now do themes!]
  • Up to 9 different objects can be setup to run from a single HUD [9 sub channels]
  • Pre-defined secure channels which means you only need to select from a number from 0, to 99 [all below zero, all very different and hard to determine]
  • The ability to make any button a link buttons [opens a web page, be it home page, MP, help page, TOS etc]
  • The ability to make any button a message button [which sends the user a message in nearby chat, great for "join my group" links etc.
  • Unpacker - allows you to define any 1 [or multiple] buttons as unpackers [have as many unpackers as you with] each with a different folder name being created
  • Can also be used as a landmark giver or your entire product within the HUD etc
  • The ability to make any button an animation button [the ability to have a toggle on/off on any button to play 1 animation / pose]
  • The ability to make any button a non functioning button, which will allow you to use it for backgrounds for grouping, or extra textures etc.
  • The ability to make any button a "transparency" button - sending transparency calls to the object [to show / hide features of the build] to multiple link ids and faces
    with pre-defined amounts of 100% [fully visible], 75% 50% 25% or 0% [fully hiddne] so you can have a show and a hide button for any thing your including!
  • The ability to make any button a "link tree" button - having the ability to store up to 6 links that the end user can use much like a Link Tree Website!
  • All buttons that are not used, are auto hidden!
  • Memory Management now lets you know when you are running low on storage space so you do not break your HUDs!
  • Object Setup features
    • Channel selection [same as above]
    • Define Sub channel for each object
    • Rez Guard [this feature prevents the object from being rezzed and only worn / attached]
    • Demo mode
      - This allows you to specify from 5 to 60 minutes Demo mode before it self terminates. This also has changing coloured hover text over the object to encourage purchase.
    • Resizer - this will allow you to enable or disable an item based resizer [do not enable this for rigged items!]

What is in the box!

  • The Creators HUD Maker Pro v2.32a rev 0.8 [The actual HUD]
  • HELP!!!! [Notecard that links to this page!
  • Object Setup [Folder] [Folder containing the 2 scripts that you need to setup and control your product!]
    • The Creators HUD Maker Pro Receiver v2.32a-rev 0.8
    • TCHM Object Setup v2.32a rev 0.8 - PUT ME IN FIRST!
  • Extras Folder
    • Face Finder [Super useful script for identifying faces/links in linksets!]
      - Drop the script into the object, and click on various faces to get their link and face ID in nearby chat!
    • ALPHA TOOLS BACKGROUND TEMPLATE [full perm texture]
    • DEFAULT SLIDER TEXTURE [full perm texture]
    • TCHMP-COLOUR SHIFT BACKGROUND TEXTURES [box of useful textures for the colour shifter background]


  1. You cannot change the linkset or that will break the system! Doing so, is at your own peril
  2. This means that the creator of the hud will remain as Tanis Wylder, but let's be real, people look at creators of objects, not HUD's.
  3. You must use FULL PERMISSION textures. [IE one's that you create, or get full perm!]
  4. IF you are found giving this HUD maker to anybody WITH MORE than copy / trans perms [that is with modify enabled] a DMCA WILL be filed against you!]

Please read the below on setting up your First HUD, also the controls for each button type you can select!

To test your HUD without finalising it at any time, you can click on the Cog and go to Test Mode - this makes the buttons active for you to click, test functions etc without finalising the HUD. Once you are done testing, click the Cog again and go to Edit Mode!

Now we will go through the various options you can set to specific buttons - to Activate the button selection, drag a FULL PERMISSION texture you own, onto that button [with the EDIT WINDOW closed!] You will see this menu come up.. Please select each the sub channel you selected earlier that correlates to the item you want to manage. You will see this!


Once you have completed your HUD, you can then edit linked parks and change the graphics on the title bar, the cog, close button and stretch and reposition any used buttons [the rest of the unused buttons will self hide!] You can even stretch the textures on any buttons you wish so you can show just the sections you wish to show or once your HUD is finished, You can even REPLACE ALL TEXTURES ON ALL BUTTONS with other textures and the data wont be lost once your HUD is complete!! Please review the tabs below, starting with "Your First HUD"